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In Home

Infusion Therapies

Essential care in the privacy of home

Access to Infusion

For millions, oral medications do not deliver essential prescriptions. And though infusion offers help, regular visits to a hospital or clinic pose logistical, physical and safety challenges. Duluma’s in-home infusion solution provides the connection to essential, often life-saving therapies.

Connecting Professionals

When it comes to issues of health, timely access and swift delivery are essential aspects of care. Duluma provides a 21st century solution for physicians and specialty pharmacies that spans time and distance in order to minimize delays and logistical challenges for those awaiting infusion therapies. 

Nurses in Homes  

Duluma RN’s are the heart-and-soul of our solution, underscoring the personal aspect of healthcare. Gone are impossible appointments, long commutes and cold impersonal treatment rooms. Our experienced nurses bring compassion along with infusion therapies to the privacy of home.

Patients requiring complex infusion therapies often face enormous hurdles. Bureaucratic delays, scheduling, transportation, safety and the loss of personal privacy are the last things anyone should have to contend with. The Duluma In-Home Infusion Solution eliminates the challenges.

“The need for infusion therapies should not come with a prescription for inconvenience and impersonal treatment. Duluma is the perfect partner for physicians and speciality pharmacies…and a welcome guest in the patient’s home.”

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Duluma connects physicians prescribing infusion and the specialty pharmacies preparing the therapies with an experienced team of registered nurses, providing a transparent connection to the patient.

Administrative Aid

Physicians and Specialty Pharmacies looking for an efficient way to ensure patients receive infusion therapies rely on Duluma’s assistance to cut through red tape.

Extend Your Team

Consider Duluma an extension of your care-giving team — dedicated to mirroring your commitment to patient privacy, comfort and the highest standards of healthcare.

Our Nurses. Your Frontline.

Duluma’s employee nurses become your frontline team — delivering the infusion therapies with the same attention to comfort, privacy and care you bring to every patient.

Duluma proudly salutes all who play a part in delivering healthcare. These are modern-day heroes.

About Duluma

On the frontlines, providing in-home infustion since 2018.

Every patient deserves timely, state-of-the-art healthcare, even when that care calls for complex infusion therapies. Our mission is to make this a reality — eliminating delays, ensuring privacy, and making it all possible in the comfort of the patient’s home. This has been our focus since 2018; but we don’t rest on past successes. Our seasoned team of Registered Nurses continues to grow…bringing in-home care to patients across Nevada, and on our way to Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Utah and Idaho.